Started in April 2018 with the buy of the basic I3 Mega from Anycubic. Afterwards the printer was upgraded with many improvments: mechanical one, sensors, control and print server. Actually the 3D printer is used as a tool to create design thinks and replacements parts.



Printer: Anycubic I3 Mega

Printserver: PI3 with Octoprint

Slider: Ultimaker Cura

Design: Tinkercad, Sketchup

Filaments: 1,75mm, PLA and PLA+, several colors and suppliers



Useful links

Library: Thinkgsiverse

3D Info: 3D grenzenlos magazin


3D Printing










Videos of the printing process


  • Image01
  • Image02
  • Image03
  • Image04
  • Image05
  • Image06
  • Image07
  • Image08
  • Image09


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